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Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well. My friend :icontaka-maple: is really really low on money to the point that paying for food and rent is a struggle. Taka is currently taking commissions to earn money. Any sort of help would be amazing, whether it's signal boosting with a journal, or asking for a commission!

More info here: DONATION / COMMISSIONS (Help a dude out? )Hey guys, so... guess who's broke? ;  v  ;"
Well- While I'm not flat broke I do need money to save up for food and such-
I'm moving soon and I need to make up to $600 for the first month's rent and food :'c
I'm accepting donations and commissions
And because I really need the money, I'm willing to drop my prices just a bit if it's absolutely necessary :c
If you wish to donate, you can send the money here, any amount will help ->
If you would like a commission here are my prices :
Please help out and thank you
and here: + Donate/Commission + by taka-maple !!

TAKA HAS A REALLY REALLY WONDERFUL STYLE BTW like look at that lovely picture of Ventus on the commissions page I'm like in love with it omg

Thank you for your time!!
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Hey there! I'm ruuari.

I really like video games so I like to draw a lot of fanart of them. I like to draw other things too. I'd name a list of interests but I think my drawings will do the talking for me. xDD

Criticism/critiques/advice are welcome. I'm still learning and drawing each day, and I really do hope to improve. ;;

Please do not repost my art anywhere. I have a tumblr so if I want stuff there I'll do it myself. :)

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VenusandRobecca Feb 28, 2014  Student General Artist
OH GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH! ;_____; You are too kind skjdghsdkjghsdkjg and thank you very much for the watch too! It seriously means a lot to me :hug:


You're welcome! The colours you use are absolutely lovely. :') Your style is so unique and I enjoy looking at your art very much! (I found you through tumblr after seeing your Fire Emblem 13 artworks. So wonderful! <3)
Pardon the spam you just received in your inbox probably orz I couldn't help myself skdjbk your style hits just all the right spots in me and the fact that you seem to draw everything I like doesn't help :iconcraiplz:
Wahhh thank you so much for the wonderful comment!! ;_____; That makes me really happy! :'DD I also watched you back. I like your style! :D
So you like Shingeki and Kingdom Hearts, Journey and HP and stuff? :'D And Natsume. Just looking at what you favourited hehe. What are your other fandoms/favourite series? c:
You're most welcome! I'm just a sucker for softer tones I think haha
And oh dear gods thank you so much skdjfbksd you didn't have to :iconcraiplz:
Actually Journey is the one thing out there I don't actually know- but dear gods I loved the art too much to help myself ; __ ; I'm a sucker for that kind of dualism concept of sorts- I get the feeling I'm wording it really awkwardly right now agh;; But yess Shingeki, KH (though I have yet to actually play aside for KHX but hnnngh I already spoiled myself with LPs and all-) and HP and Natsume no Yuujinchou (can't wait for the OVA, it's supposed to be out this season ; v ; )!
As for other fandoms, oh boy, there's actually a fair bit of that stuff D: Touhou is another big big one for me, and Ragnarok Online, but I'm also still avid on Inazuma and Pokemon and Madoka and FFs, and then to lesser extent on Persona, D.Gray-Man (old love dies hard haha)- also YuGiOh and GX because that took a chunk out of my life a few years back haha
WAAAHH thank you again! ;U; Soft colours are really fun to use! :'DD

OOoo I see! Journey is an indie game for PS3, which you can now buy the hard copy (it used to just be on the playstation network store to download) and it's so so so good oh my gosh. It's only about an hour and a half and I don't know anyone who didn't cry while playing it. There isn't even any talking in it. I definitely recommend it if you have a PS3 or someone you know has one ;u; /crying because of the feels. Thank you so much for favouriting them though!

AHHH YES the Natsume OVA is out soon! I'm super excited for that too. I've been keeping up with the manga too, but oh gosh the end of season 4 killed me. ;_____; NATSUME NOOoo any of those flashbacks I just can't. /tears everywhere

I don't actually know a lot about Touhou :'D It's a game right? I know some songs from it? I know it's also super popular but I could never seem to find a lot of information on it? XD I've never played RO either (though I know my sister did for a little while) and it always looked really cool. There's lots of pretty artwork/fanart for it too!

I love Pokemon haha. I'm a really big fan of the games. X and Y is really fun right now ahhhh, and Black and White is my favourite but I really like Silver/Gold and yeah okay all of the Pokemons are great. ;u; Inazuma I also know sort of. I know it's about soccer lol but I know a lot of people like it too! And I have Persona 3 and 4. :'D And of course I've played some of the FFs (I really like IX).

Omg Yugioh my childhood. My sister was absolutely obsessed with it for a long while so I heard a lot about the fandom side of things from her lol. She really likes Bakura. I think Thief King Bakura is really cool xD And omg I have a bunch of the openings from GX and 5Ds on my ipod X'DD The third opening of GX (teardrop I think it's called) is really good ;v; I haven't actually watched all of GX but Judai seems to have some cool development. Also I really like YGO the Abridged series sdkjghsdkjghsdkg XDDDD I've also watched Madoka. :D

Anndd yes Shingeki is like my life right now heheee oops no regrets. I love it so muchhh ;________;

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NeverWayne Dec 7, 2013  Student General Artist
I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOOOOOVEEEE your style! Your drawings are wonderful **____
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